The ultimate place for a “Total Reset” part 1 of 2

It is the time of the year when the Winter Olympics is all you can hear. Alpine skiing, bobsleigh, figure skating, ski jumping, and many more. The setting of many of these sports is normally somewhere suitably cold, and ideally in the mountain area. This has brought back my memories about our adventure in the mountains, specifically the Alps. We do not usually go there in the winter, but in the peak of the summer…

Who in the right frame of mind goes to Alps in the summer? “There is no snow for winter fun, and therefore nothing else to do, so why would you go there?” This is a usual question when you speak to a person who has never been there outside of winter tourist season.

Tip: There actually is snow in the Alps all year round in many places. You can even ski there any time in the year if you wish.

I have several reasons in my repertoire to persuade you to change your mind about summer in the Alps. We went there several times and will go there again for certain! We have been fortunate to see French, German, Italian, and Austrian Alps – each of which had their differences. This post will focus on the Austrian Alps.

If you will pinpoint the centre of Austria on the map, you will probably find a small village called Filzmoos. It is about mid-way between the east and west border of Austria and relatively close to Salzburg. In the winter, it is a very popular ski resort which transforms completely in the Summer. All the chalets (name of the houses there) are covered in flowers. It looks beautiful and as if it was set up for a movie but without the actors. Well, actually there are “actors” there! I will elaborate on it later, in the part 2 of this post.

Filzmoos roundabout near the centre


Filzmoos flowers on balconies, sharpness of this picture is not perfect – I must have taken it while walking!


Filzmoos chalets with ponies
Tip: Because of its Central European location, it can be easily reached by car, especially from many neighbouring countries! Perhaps, you have a long weekend off, or even a week in the summer? Pack your car and go! How about packing your bikes too?

OK, you are on “The Grand Crowd Escape” website and therefore the main reason is really easy to guess. Not many people visit the Alps during the summer. If you decide to do that, you will certainly avoid huge crowds and mass tourism. I dare to tell you even more – it is likely that you are going to be there pretty much alone (especially outside weekends). During our trek from Filzmoos, for the whole day from the early morning until late, we only met people in resting “cafes” on the trail.

View of the village, the start of our trek


Mountain view with endless forest near Filzmoos


Beautiful peak emerging from afar


Imagine sitting on that bench, peace, quiet and amazing views all around you!


View at the higher Alps near Filzmoos


Empty trail just for us!


For us, the reason above was good enough on its own, but let me continue. You probably think that staying in the Alps is expensive. It certainly can be, but… this brings me to reason number two. It is a lot cheaper there in the summer than it is in the winter. I can assure you, you will be surprised by how affordable it can be. Of course, it requires a little planning and depends what you will do there, but for the ordinary traveller, it cost a fraction of what you would have spent in the winter.

Tip: If getting the super cheap price is your priority, stay in the hotel/camping rather than in an apartment. When renting an apartment, be prepared for a hefty “cleaning fee” in some places. Whist this it is a normal practice to charge for cleaning at the end of your stay, we found it particularly expensive in Austria. For instance, one time we paid 50 euro which was more than the cost of one-night stay. Having said that, the place was very nice!
Tip: Would you like to go there with a small group of friends? Renting an outstanding Chalet, (some with your own private swimming pool!) can be the most cost effective option. The Swiss Alps would be you’re the most expensive option.
Traditional chalet near Filzmoos


Lastly, if the nature is your thing, it is absolutely breath-taking here. The views are magnificent, everywhere is extremely clean, fresh, and very well maintained. You will not find a single piece of rubbish on your trek. There will be more “practical/culinary” points in regard to the nature, but this will be in my next post.

Very well marked trials near Filzmoos


It is easy to follow your trail marking


Remember to take your binoculars!


Parts of the track is covered with half-meadows with a great variety of plants and herbs


The trek was easy, no steep rocks, just perfect for a relaxing walk, anyone can do it.


This is just half the story. There are many more reasons to explore the Alps in the summer. Need a little more encouragement? – wait for part 2 of this post to find out more! If you wish to be the first one to know when the part 2 is ready, do not forget to add your email to our mailing list. You will be notified right away when it is published!

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