The ultimate place for a “Total Reset” part 2 of 2

This is a part two of the post “The ultimate place for a Total Reset”, make sure you read part one which can be found here.

So, you came back for more reasons to visit the Alps in the summer? As promised, I have a few additional incentives to share with you. My goal is to weaken your excuses not to go!

The weather in Alps in the summer is absolutely gorgeous. Unless you decide to go really high up mountains, it is proper summer warm.

Weather in the Austrian Alps, trek towards the top
The ideal bike road, the sun is strong here
Tip: A micro story: “What a beautiful tan, where did you get it?”, “In the Austrian Alps”, “Very funny, haha, but seriously where have you been?”. Do not be deceived by the lovey fresh breeze there on certain days. You will need your sunscreen!
Lovely warm weather here with snow on the mountain peaks
Can you spot the trail marks in this photo

There are plenty of activities and things to do in the summer. To name a few: biking, rafting, climbing, trekking, (eating), swimming, or even herb and nature tours. At the same time, if you are on a budget or prefer to walk on your own path, make your food provisions and just go for the trek.

One of many routes perfect for bikes
An absolute dream bike route, so when are you coming?
Tip: Make sure that you at least try some local specialties on your way in “resting cafes”. I did not however, manage to take a picture before trying the traditional pastry below…
The traditional Austrian pastry with jam, half eaten…
Our resting stop, life goes on here at its own pace, the waitress wears traditional Austrian shorts

Ok, now let me warn you a little as we are approaching “quirky grounds”. The sense of prevalent “chill and relaxed” is everywhere, and I am using cows to make this point. They seriously are super relaxed and everything around does not seem to bother them at all! They are free roaming absolutely everywhere. The go on the streets, forests, and treks. I really wonder how they find them in the end as we have found some “lonely cows” in places really far away from the herd! Just observe them and you will automatically become more relaxed. I appreciate that it is a little bit of a stretch to make my point using cows, but I am telling you, it is like that there with people too! Do you need a more tangible proof for this theory? Here it comes (still cows though).

Cow – “I am going to stay here and chill in the shadow, I used this tree before to scratch my back”
Let’s think of our next activity, eat or sleep?

You must have watched “Milka” adverts for the best and cleanest milk. I have to tell you; it is totally true! It is an absolute must to try a fresh full fat milk from Austria. There is nothing like that anywhere! It does taste like liquid ice-cream. Search for “Vollmilch” – it has 3.5% fat. An unhappy cow could not possibly produce such a top quality milk! Case closed.

A bench prepared to sit amongst cows, Sylwia is relaxing (naturally, due to my “cow observation theory”)
You will also find happy and relaxed horses here minding their own business
Dragonfly by the small mountain lake
View from our trek, with patches of shadow on the horizon cast by the clouds

Continuing on the subject of food, another reason to go to the Alps in the summer is the super sweet and tasty wild strawberries. You cannot buy them anywhere as they go bad very soon after picking. When you will find them on your trek, you must eat them right away – just delicious.

Wild strawberries, you cannot let them stay here and rot, can you?
Tip: Please be mindful of nature and treat it with respect. When picking anything, make sure it is allowed and know what you are picking!

Summer in the Alps attracts a certain type of very friendly like-minded people. This is a broader point and applies everywhere, but here in the Alps it is particularly vivid. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, and the very few people you meet on your way, whoever you meet is very friendly. In cafes, and resting chalets, everyone has time for you. You can chat away and find out more from locals as opposed to the busy winter time when everyone runs like a headless chicken (not sure why I use so many animal references in this post, must be the day).

Unfortunately, I do not speak German, but somehow I can understand it

Do you remember when I said to you in the first part of this post that the villages look as if they are set up for the movie without actors? I then corrected myself stating that there are actors there. These “actors” are locals. They are very proud of their traditions and wear traditional outfits for the region -it looks as if they ran away from the movies. They are also particularly noticeable when these are the only people around! Suffice to say that women’s skirts are designed to bring up feminine attributes, and men to express their masculinity. If I could, I would even say they look quite seductive and attractive when proudly wearing these, but I would not dare to say it here.

In conclusion, we will certainly be back here, will you come?

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